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Inside the Mind of a Composer

A Glimpse into the Thought Process Behind Scoring Films

You’re probably a filmmaking magician. You wrote a captivating script, captured the highest quality footage, and meticulously edited your film. Now you need music and you’re all too aware that scoring a film is much more involved than just being in a band or mastering an instrument. Although your painful dilemma is valid, your dilemma doesn’t have to be painful at all. That’s where an experienced composer comes in. These are the thoughts and ideas behind composing emotionally gripping soundtracks to captivate your audience.

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Scoring a Documentary: A Theme Song About a Woman’s Story

Music Video Editing Contest – Custom Soundtrack Giveaway!

If you’ve never had the pleasure of working with an award-winning custom soundtrack composer before here’s your chance to win a Free Custom Score for your next film!

Custom Music Composers: Bringing Movies to Life

The truth is most filmmakers who don’t utilize the skills of a custom composer will end up spending countless hours curiously penetrating music libraries searching for the perfect pieces for his or her movie. And according to the old adage: Time is Money!

6 Questions Composers Need to Ask Before Scoring a Film

I believe the following questions are the most important questions any serious composer should ask before scheduling a spotting session with a filmmaker.

Custom Soundtrack vs. Library Music: Giving Your Film an Edge

A good movie can have a great soundtrack, but a great movie will always have a great soundtrack. Some films, however, especially indie films, don’t always have a budget for music. So what do they do?

Scoring a Documentary: A Theme Song About a Woman’s Story

In March of 2017, I met a woman with a unique story. She was diagnosed with a rare disease called von Hippel-Lindau (VHL). As she divulged her story I learned some horrific details about this tragic disease wrecking havoc on innocent families.

Impact of Movie Music

Music. It infiltrates every aspect of our lives. Concerts, funeral homes, sporting events, waiting rooms, shopping malls, gas stations, houses of worship. Almost every aspect of life is accompanied by the universal language of music.