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Enter OC Music CO’s Music Video Editing Contest for a Chance to Win a Custom Soundtrack!

Update: The deadline to enter this music video editing contest has passed. The content in this post is for informational purposes only.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of working with an award-winning custom soundtrack composer before here’s your chance to win a Free Score for your next film!

Presenting: The Annual OC Music Video Editing Contest!

The twin brothers at O’Connell Music Company are conducting a music video editing contest- Grand Prize: A Custom Soundtrack for your next feature-length movie!

These guys have just released a music video performing their new song Letters to You. The video contains raw footage of the performance. The storyline has been left out intentionally giving you the opportunity to tell the story. (A synopsis of the song is outlined later in this post.)

Do you have spare footage lying around collecting dust that you’ve been wanting to use for a project? Or have you been wanting to make a meaningful video from scratch but don’t have the motivation or direction to get started? This is your opportunity to show what you can do- your chance to show off.

Use your creativity and incorporate scenes and footage in with the video and tell your visually captivating story. This contest gives you (cinematographers, editors, and aspiring film-makers) an opportunity to showcase your editing talents, and put our own creative twist on the story, and incorporate your footage along with the music in the performance footage.

Synopsis of the song:

A troubled girl struggles to keep her relationships intact striving to evade the tendency to burn bridges with friends. Although she repeatedly pushes close friends away in times of distress she’s grateful for the continued loyalty and support of her friends in her pursuit to achieve her life goals and dreams. Her therapeutic antidote: she fights her off-putting tendency to destroy relationships by writing letters to an imaginary friend she considers a heroic luminary.

Think you have what it takes?

If you haven’t already, head over to the music video editing contest page for details. Entry is simple and free! Three winners will be chosen based on creativity, appropriateness, and overall appeal. Grand Prize: A Custom Soundtrack for your next film!

Ok now, no more reading. Head over to the contest page now to watch the video and put your cinematography skills to the test. Be sure to “Share” this and “Tag” anyone who might be interested in getting in on the action!

Best of luck and have fun!