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Selecting Music for Your Movie

The importance of a great soundtrack.

​Music. It infiltrates every aspect of our lives. Concerts, funeral homes, sporting events, waiting rooms, shopping malls, gas stations, houses of worship. Almost every aspect of life is accompanied by the universal language of music. That’s why choosing the right music for your movie or film is so imperative to your movie’s appeal- its unapologetic success or inevitable collapse.

Without appropriate music your audience might as well be flipping through a bleak photo album- which is fine for some. But fine is, well, fine. Most filmmakers want to rise up and differentiate themselves from the legion of competition. Smart filmmakers and music supervisors take time to carefully choose a composer who will transform their visual work of art into a masterpiece of motion picture magic.

Captivating your audience

Remember, the intention of the music is to draw the audience in allowing them to surrender to the present moment. The music is responsible for creating tension, empowering underdogs, and bringing characters to life.

The music is what makes viewers shed tears of joy and sigh in relief. So it’s important to be selective when choosing the composer who will be icing your metaphorical cake. When a composer takes your project as seriously as you and shares your thirst for greatness that passion will be conveyed in your film.

That union between writer, producer, director, music supervisor, and composer is important. They synergy of your team will be exemplified in your product. Whether it be wild adventure, trembling fear, or hearty comedy choose a composer who understands your needs and goals- one who empathizes with you, your script, and your audience. You wouldn’t let just anyone babysit your kids. If you consider your film to be like one of your offspring give it the best possible environment to, not only survive, but thrive.

Here’s to captivating music and wondrous content creating!