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Simple method for how Americans can create massive change.

I’m not exactly a math-magician (pun intended) but I pulled out my phone the other day and Googled the current census in America. (Go ahead and tease away; I don’t know everything.) Then I started tinkering around on my calculator and crunched a few numbers. I discovered just how easy it would be for Americans to create massive change without breaking the bank.

Crunching the numbers

Feel free to challenge my work but according to my figures I discovered something that almost made my head spin. Here’s what I found out:

If each person in the US would set aside just $10 this year, picked 10 charities they truly believed in, and donated just a buck to each one we could have ten organizations with more than $300,000,000 each to make a massive, powerful, positive difference in the world.

Allow me to break this down one step further. That means each person would essentially have to save less than 3 cents per day to save enough to cover their individual contribution of $10 this year to make this work.

Let that resonate for a second.

Every American? Really?

Don’t get me wrong, I realize not everyone has access to spare $10. For instance, newborns, infants, babies and children probably don’t have access to ten dollars. And yes, they are included in the figures of the census.

But please hold your counterattacks for a moment. We can still help people and create massive change.

To allocate the $10 contributed by each of them I believe a forthright caring parent, aunt, uncle, or other generous soul could provide the means to facilitate their $10 donation. Who knows? Maybe their weekly allowance can facilitate their portion.

Helping people is like a drug

I love making music. It’s my passion. But if there’s one thing I love more than music it’s helping others.

I believe we are each innately driven to offer gestures of humanity and goodwill to our human family whenever possible. Anyone who gives regularly to charity, helps a complete stranger jump start their vehicle or helps an elderly person cross a busy intersection knows the pure feeling of satisfaction.

That’s what attracts me to music the most. Music by nature brings people together and has the power to unify the divided.

It is my sincere hope that we come together as people, as one family of humans to make sure everyone has a warm bed to sleep in at night; to provide healthy food and water for sustenance; and leave bigger tips than necessary for a waitress who’s having a bad day.

You are a game changer

If you’re one of those people who regularly donate to charitable causes and help others “just because” then you already know the indescribable feeling that comes from giving of yourself out of the goodness of your heart.

You know who you are. You don’t need to announce it to the world. And someone out there appreciates your generosity more than you might realize.

You are capable of creating massive change

If you haven’t seen the power of charitable giving in your own life I dare you to find out for yourself. See for yourself: next time you see someone who’s short a few bucks at the cash register in front of you pay it forward and cover their bill.

Who’s with me?

I’d love to hear about your experience (positive or negative) to demonstrate the possibilities our human spirit is capable of.

About the Author:

Eric O’Connell is the founder and CEO of OC Music CO, a major production music licensing platform for content creators. With his twin brother Steve, he founded OC Music CO understanding music’s unmatched power to unite the divided, influence the unreachable, and create massive powerful change. Today they are recognized internationally as a vital agent in the music industry with their team of 29 hand-selected world-class production music composers. 

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