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Soundtrack Music for Your Movie: Time is Money

Go ahead, take a moment and Google “Royalty Free Music Library” and you’ll find over 2,000,000 (two Million) results. How much time do you have to sift through the plethora of music libraries out there to find the perfect piece of music for your film? Furthermore, how likely do you think you can find appropriate songs that fit perfectly into your film’s individual scenes? Will you end up editing them yourself to custom fit your film’s mold anyway? Or do you think you’ll be one of the few lucky ones to find the perfect matching music that peaks appropriately at your highs and mellows accordingly at your lows?  

Serious filmmakers take time to ponder this mysterious conundrum

The truth is most filmmakers who don’t utilize the skills of a composer will end up spending countless hours curiously penetrating music libraries searching for the perfect pieces for his or her movie. And according to the old adage: Time is Money! The metaphorical lemon juice in the wound is that they will end up paying for these types of music tracks anyway.

Do you have the time for that? Of course you don’t. That’s why soundtrack composers exist.

Solving the problem

There are two ways to solve this problem. For one, in the time you’d spend searching music libraries you could start taking music lessons, learn music theory, earn a degree in recording arts, learn the art of composition, purchase music editing software, watch tutorials on how to use it, start writing music, trial and error your way around a recording studio, and simply edit your compositions into your movie to fit exactly how you want. That’s one way. The other way is much less complicated: Hire a soundtrack composer.

Just as different members of a filmmaking team are adroit in their specific field of expertise (lighting, sound, acting, directing, writing, producing, distributing, editing, etc.) great composers will know exactly how to shine the brightest spotlight on your film.

Making it work

The great news is you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to find these composers. Depending on the size of the movie, type of licensing needed, and amount of customized music your film requires many composers will be happy to score your film for a small percentage of your film’s overall budget.

Trust that anywhere from just 2% to 15% of your film’s budget can go a long way to deliver your message powerfully to your audience. Before signing any agreements with a composer, however, prepare to discuss all your needs and concerns with your composer. After all, you want to ensure you’re working with someone with whom you share genuine chemistry- someone who is as interested and excited about your film as you.

For more insight on topics to discuss with your composer check out this article that outlines a few variables from the composer’s point of view.

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