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New production music library now accepting submissions!

​Hello there, fellow production music composers. Here we are. You and me. Climbing the biggest mountain we could find- trying to get our music heard by the masses.

Our parents wanted us to become doctors and lawyers. But, no. Our creative drive leads us to follow our musical passions no matter how challenging. And that mountain couldn’t be any more saturated.

Well, we have good news for you… we’re here to help.

World-class production music

My brother and I are offering a vehicle to get your recordings in front of more people with the intention of licensing your music to content creators.

We’ve just launched a brand new, World-class production music library, and now we’re opening an invitation to other composers who want to get their music placed in films, television, advertising, etc.

If you have music you’d like us to showcase, click here to email a link where we can review your track(s) to determine if they meet current industry criteria. We’ll review each and every submission we receive. If your music meets industry standards we’d love to work with you.

Some features about our library:

In addition to cataloging your song by genre your song will also be searchable by…

1. Moods
2. Instruments
3. BPM
4. Styles
5. Keywords

Streamlined process for content creators

We have streamlined our licensing process as one of the most user friendly processes to make licensing easy for our clients.

For clients, it’s simple:

1. Filter your search by genre, mood, instrument, etc.
2. Select the usage for your song.
3. Download your track immediately.

And because we’re always promoting our website and reaching out to industry professionals we’ll be doing all of the marketing on your behalf.

Current needs

Although we are accepting submissions for all types and genres we are currently looking for tracks that would fit into mainstream commercial ads.

If you want to check out the library for yourself you can browse it here: OC Music CO.

We look forward to working with you.

About the Author:

Eric O’Connell is the founder and CEO of OC Music CO, a major production music licensing platform for content creators. With his twin brother Steve, he founded OC Music CO understanding music’s unmatched power to unite the divided, influence the unreachable, and create massive powerful change. Today they are recognized internationally as a vital agent in the music industry with their team of 29 hand-selected world-class production music composers.

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