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We’re taking the pain and confusion out of licensing music.

The words “music licensing” to a content creator can be tantamount to the word “dentist” in the ears of a kid. Rest assured, licensing music doesn’t have to be nearly as confusing as you might think.

The process of licensing music should be quick, painless, and affordable for everyone from the next box office hit to a struggling film student in high school. That’s why we’ve just launched a brand new library of royalty-free production music.


The licensing process is simple:


  1. Browse our production music library (filter by Genre, Keyword, Attribute, and Instrument)
  2. Select the usage for your track(s)
  3. Download your song (and license) immediately


That’s it! You can even edit, remix, loop and adapt the music as you see fit for your project.


When production companies need compelling music to captivate audiences they look to us for solutions.


Our music can be used for virtually anything including film productions, TV shows, video games, commercials, streaming sites, live productions, in your store, in your audiobook, as on-hold telephone music, YouTube videos (AND you can monetize the videos), and many other projects.


Still not sure we can help? Head over to our FAQ page where you’ll find an exhaustive list of more specifics regarding our new music library. You can find details about file formats, exclusive licensing, custom compositions, and more!


See you soon!