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We believe that the process of licensing music should be straightforward and simple. We created this blog as a resource to help navigate the journey to find the perfect piece of music for your project. Hopefully, you’ll find some helpful tips.


Brand New Production Music Library

We're taking the pain and confusion out of licensing music. The words "music licensing" to a content creator can be tantamount to the word "dentist" in the ears of a kid. Rest assured, licensing music doesn't have to be nearly as confusing as you might think. The...

Calling All Composers | OC Music CO

New production music library now accepting submissions! ​​Hello there, fellow production music composer. Here we are. You and me. Climbing the biggest mountain we could find- trying to get our music heard by the masses. Our parents wanted us to become doctors and...

Custom Music Composers: Bringing Movies to Life

The truth is most filmmakers who don’t utilize the skills of a custom composer will end up spending countless hours curiously penetrating music libraries searching for the perfect pieces for his or her movie. And according to the old adage: Time is Money!

Impact of Movie Music

Music. It infiltrates every aspect of our lives. Concerts, funeral homes, sporting events, waiting rooms, shopping malls, gas stations, houses of worship. Almost every aspect of life is accompanied by the universal language of music.

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Need custom music for your project?

We offer custom composition for almost any project type or genre. We can even grant exclusive licensing rights if you need. Contact us with details about your project; we’ll be happy to help you out.