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Twin brothers Eric and Steve O’Connell founded OC Music CO because they believe positive change can happen through the power of music. The Dalai Lama once said, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” We believe that small things can lead to big changes too, and what better way than through the universal language of eight simple notes?

"Propelled my film to another level"

“Eric and Steve’s music helped to propel and transcend my words and the actor’s performances to another level. We discussed the story, the characters, and the tone and mood that was needed and from there the two of them brilliantly scored the hauntingly beautiful pieces.”

-Eric Ayala, Producer (Atlanta, GA)

"Instantly made my project come to life"

“As a videographer I am constantly looking for original music to fit my projects. I was finishing a documentary and contacted OC Music CO. I chose a song for the opening credits and it instantly made my project come to life and look professional. I ended up picking 3 more songs, and plan on using them for my next project. I highly recommend OC Music CO.”

-Adam Kurtz, Videographer 

"Fit the film perfectly"

“I highly recommend O’Connell Music Company… provided a great variety of tracks that fit the film perfectly in a very limited time frame… also wrote and performed an original rap for another film I directed, with creative and hilarious lyrics and a slick, catchy musical accompaniment… very friendly, enthusiastic, and fun to work with, as well as super talented and passionate.”

-Ryan Chester, Director (Cambridge, MA)

"Perfect source for instrumental music"

“What a perfect source for instrumental music! I have used their work for countless projects + admire the range of tracks, from angsty + dark to peppy + spirited. They put their heart, soul, + talented minds into creating such original gems that exponentially help carry my video story to the next level. From a campaign video to a sports recap, a family event or NYC action shots, they nail the right notes every time.”

-Katie Barry, Photo Journalist (NYC)

"A real pleasure to work with."

“We had such a positive experience working with Eric and Steve. They are passionate about what they do and great communicators, a real pleasure to work with on our recent short film.”

-Dan Edwards, Producer 

"Exceeded expectations"

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with the O’Connell Music Company and came away from the experience very impressed! The original song they composed for our movie exceeded expectations and I applaud their talent and professionalism! I highly recommend using this company!”

-Chris Harbolt, Executive Producer


Music has the power to unite the divided, bringing people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideals together. John Lennon shared our vision and saw the World living as one. We dare to dream that same dream.

Music is a healer. It helps people face their fears, let go of animosity, and quiet their anger. It helps people act more like people. We believe in possibilities and we believe music can be the vessel to let those possibilities blossom into massive change. We’re here to give your message the fuel it needs to influence your audience.


OC Music CO

Need custom music for your project?

Need more than World-class production music for your project? We also offer World-class custom composition for any project type or genre. We can even grant exclusive licensing rights if you need. Contact us with details about your project; we’ll be happy to help you out.

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